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Neumeral Technologies is a software development company based out of Kochi, India. We are a passionate team of technology experts focused on delivering web, mobile and custom software solutions.

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Web Development

  • Python Django
  • REST & GraphQL API
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Next JS

Mobile Apps

  • React Native

Web Frontend

  • React JS

Data Visualization

  • Grafana
  • Apache Superset
  • Metabase
  • Atlair Visualization

Performance Engineering

  • Monitor Performance
  • Tests and Benchmarks
  • Performance Optimization


We work with a variety of tech stacks.

Our deep expertise in technology, commitment to proactive problem-solving, and transparent communication all work together to deliver real value for our clients.

We are passionate about empowering businesses through technology and delivering innovative, high-quality solutions that drive growth and success.

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We are Neumeral

Neumeral Technologies is a software development company that believes in the power of data and technology to transform business processes.

With our collective experience of more than 20 years in the information technology industry, our web and mobile solutions help businesses build a sound technology footing for years to come. Our current focus is on solutions for eCommerce, operational efficiency, and automation.

Our Mission

Helping businesses use the latest in technology to make better decisions and run efficient processes.