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Why choose to offshore software development?

Offshore software development is a powerful solution for businesses looking to build high-quality software solutions while reducing costs. By partnering with offshore software development firms like Neumeral Technologies, businesses can take advantage of a talented pool of software developers while enjoying the benefits of cost-effective development processes.

Outsourcing development work offshore can also enable businesses to focus on core competencies and strategic goals while leaving the technical details to expert developers.

With offshore development, businesses can access a global talent pool and take advantage of emerging technologies to build custom software solutions that meet their unique needs.

Improve Timezone Efficiency

Complimentary timezones can be a major advantage for software development projects that involve offshore teams. With teams located in different time zones, it is possible to achieve round-the-clock development and faster turnaround times.

For instance, while the offshore development team is working on the project during their daytime hours, the onshore team can review and provide feedback overnight. This leads to a faster development cycle, with fewer delays and improved efficiency.


Neumeral Technologies

Neumeral Technologies is a software development company based out of Kochi, India. We are a passionate team of technology experts focused on delivering web, mobile and custom software solutions.

Neumeral Technologies has expertise in a wide range of technologies, including Django Framework (Python), Flask, Ruby on Rails, and full-stack development with ReactJS frontends. They have also created cloud-native solutions in AWS with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, Kinesis, and Elastic Beanstalk.

Our team has experience building mobile solutions using React Native, which is a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications. Start creating engaging UI/UX experiences and stand out in the crowded mobile app market.

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Neusler Publishing

Content publishing platform with workflows, automations, interactive elements, monetization modules and much more.

  • Python Django
  • REST API with DRF
  • Next JS Frontend

Levaza Foods

We created OPS portal to manage orders, adjustments, and customer balances. And a mobile app for customers to place orders and see payment account balances.

  • Django Admin
  • React JS Frontend
  • React Native Mobile App

Loyola Magazine Catalog

We build a digital catalog of magazines and books published by the institution. This involved digitization magazines, and making them available in a digital asset library with search features.

  • Python Flask
  • Algolia
  • React JS

Edinifiniti Courses

We build a JAMStack web app which publishes content using Strapi CMS. Students can take various courses, and interact with staff in forums.

  • Gatsby JS
  • Fauna DB
  • AWS Lambda (Serverless API)


We work with a variety of tech stacks.

Our expertise in technology, problem-solving approach, and commitment to transparency and communication make Neumeral Technologies the ideal partner for any software development project. We are dedicated to helping our clients leverage technology to achieve their business goals and drive growth.

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Web Development

  • Python Django
  • REST & GraphQL API
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Next JS
  • Serverless Apps
  • Jamstack Apps

Mobile Apps

  • React Native

Web Frontend

  • React JS


  • Ansible
  • Terraform
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Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

At Neumeral Technologies, the team uses agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to deliver software solutions to their clients. By breaking down large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks, they are able to deliver software faster and more efficiently. Agile development also allows for more frequent feedback and collaboration with clients, ensuring that the final product meets their needs and expectations.

We have deep expertise in a wide range of technologies, making us a trusted partner for software development projects. With a focus on delivering innovative and scalable solutions, the team has extensive experience in building custom software using technologies such as Python, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, and AWS cloud-native solutions.

Neumeral's team of experts can provide valuable insights into best practices and efficient development processes. Outsourcing software development projects to Neumeral Technologies can be a smart and cost-effective decision for businesses looking to build high-quality, custom software solutions.