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SSH Tunnels - How to, with examples

SSH is secure shell, but its name is very misleading. It can be used for purposes other than as a shell.It provides an authenticated and encrypted channel to hosts in a network.

In engineering, Jan 31, 2019

Rails as a Rack application

Rack provides a modular interface for developing web apps in Ruby. A Rack::Handler connects webservers with Rack. By default it ships with handlers for Thin, WEBrick, FastCGI, CGI, SC...

In rails, Nov 28, 2018

Ruby one-liner server

To quickly serve static files in a local development machine, we have used the handy python one-liner to run SimpleHTTPServer. There is a ruby equivalent to it.

In engineering, shorts, Nov 26, 2018

Application Heartbeat

Many a times developers use simple monitoring solutions like Uptime Robot or Pingdom to ping servers to check if they are working fine. But when supplying urls to monitoring services,...

In engineering, rails, Nov 22, 2018

Update rbenv ruby-build install list

rbenv uses the ruby-build plugin to manage the list of ruby versions that can be installed using it. I always end up searching how to update rbenv’s list of rubies, as there is no com...

In engineering, shorts, Feb 25, 2018