Stories on "shorts"

Delayed Job as a rake task

Delayed Job is a great and simple solution for background jobs in a Rails application. But if you don’t have the memory or resources to run a background thread 24hrs on a server what ...

In engineering, rails, shorts, Mar 04, 2019

Tmux Cheatsheet

tmux is a terminal mutiplexer, which allows you to run multiple terminals in a single local or remote terminal window. It comes in pretty handy when you want to see multiple terminal ...

In engineering, shorts, Feb 07, 2019

Ruby one-liner server

To quickly serve static files in a local development machine, we have used the handy python one-liner to run SimpleHTTPServer. There is a ruby equivalent to it.

In engineering, shorts, Nov 26, 2018

Update rbenv ruby-build install list

rbenv uses the ruby-build plugin to manage the list of ruby versions that can be installed using it. I always end up searching how to update rbenv’s list of rubies, as there is no com...

In engineering, shorts, Feb 25, 2018