Sinatra Application

I wish there was a template to create a sinatra application using a cli. But there isn’t a lot of boilerplate files to create, so lets add it one-by-one.

We’ll be using puma as the server. Create an app.rb file which defines a basic sinatra app with a / route. Also a Gemfile is added and bundle install is run.

Next we need a rackup file so that puma will pickup the app as a rack application.

Running the puma server will serve your application at http://localhost:9292, and you should see the message ‘It Works!’.

bundle exec puma

Yay! The app is up.

Add JSON responses

For the server to respond to JSON, we add the sinatra-contrib gem, which adds a JSON helper. Change the app.rb file to respond to json.

Now our app contains just these files:

  ├── Gemfile
  ├── Gemfile.lock
  ├── app.rb

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